Friday, 15 June 2012

Thillu Mullu (1981)

Intro : Thillu mullu is a comedy flim starring by Rajinikanth , Madhavi , Nagesh. Directed by Balachandar . The flim is actually a remake of hindi movie "Goal maal". Thillu mullu became blockbuster movie.

Storyline : For most of the rest of the film Chandran (Rajinikanth) was leading a dual life a sincere hardworking employee to his boss and a typical cool young guy Indran while teaching music to his boss' daughter. The story takes an unexpected turn when Sri Ramachandramurthy meets socialite Meenakshi Doriasamy (Sowkar Janaki) who was then pretending to be Chandran's widowed mother. A series of rib-tickling and logic defying scenarios follow, all involving Sri Ramachandramurthy being fooled by Chandran. One scene leads to another and eventually Sri Ramachandramurthy wants to marry off his daughter to Chandran. But in the pre-climax Sri Ramachandramurthy finds out that he was fooled.In the climax actor Kamal Hassan makes a cameo appearance as a fake lawyer who wants to sue Sri Ramachandramurthy on Chandran's behalf. Sri Ramachandramurthy was, for the most part, scared during the lawyer's monologue but, in the end, realized that he was being fooled again — this time by the lawyer. 

Production : Kalakendra movies

Producers : P.R.Govindaraj

Directors : Balachandar

Actors : Rajinikanth , Nagesh

Actress : Madhavi

Music Directors: M.S.Viswanathan

Dialogue : Visu

Lyricists :




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