Friday, 15 June 2012

Thee (1981)

Intro :  Film directed  by R.Krishnamoorthy. Rajinikanth plays the lead role and Suman plays the role of his brother. It is a remake of the classic Hindi film Deewar starring Amitabh bachan and Shasi kapoor and directed by Yashchopr Production : Suresh arts

Storyline : After a labour leader (AVM Rajan) is framed by a mill-owner and publicly dishonored, he leaves his wife Sita. and children to face the wrath of angry mill workers. His elder son A.K.A Raja  is badly affected by a  R.S.Manohar The hard childhood, drops him out of school and becomes an atheist and grows up to be a low level labourer at the harbor. He later joins with violent mafia don Jagdish .The younger son Ravi  sheltered by his brother and Mother, goes through school and college and ends up with a job in the police force with the advice from his girlfriend, Radha and her father. Suman is given the responsibility by his seniors in the police department to bring down Jagdish's gang that Raja is a part of. Ravi later realizes that his own brother, Raja, is a part of the gang, on confronting this along with their mother for self confession, Raja refuses for confession which leads Ravi & their mother to get away from their Porsch house.

Producers :  Suresh balaji

Directors : R.Krishnamoorthy  

Actors : Rajinikanth , Suman

Actress : sowkar janaki , Sripriya

Music Directors: M.S. Viswanathan

Dialogue : A.L.Narayanan

Lyricists :




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