Friday, 15 June 2012

Neetrikkan (1981)

Intro : In this flim Rajinikanth played dual role Father and  Son. Directed by S.P. Muthuraman.

Storyline : The story revolves around Chakravarthy  who is a successful textile businessman in Coimbatore. He is a great womaniser (perhaps his only weakness) and picks up any women he wants. He has wife Meenakshi , his son Santosh  and his daughter Sangeetha  It doesn't take long for Santosh to find his father's provocative behavior and tries to mend his father's ways. Radha (Saritha) gets introduced as a candidate for PRO  interview and eventually gets selected and is sent to Hong Kong for training. Chakravarthy unable to tolerate his son's growing menace also sets off to Hong Kong for a vacation. Here he meets Radha and at one point ends up raping her. Chakravarthy flies back to India where he is met with a number of changes which all points out to the new General Manager. This person turns out be Radha who has joined with Santosh to teach Chakravarthy a lesson for lifetime. 

Production : Kavithalayam

Producers : Rajam balachandar

Directors : S.P. Muthuraman

Actors : Rajinikanth

Actress : Lakshmi , Saritha

Music Directors: Ilayaraja

Dialogue : Visu

Lyricists :




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