Thursday, 14 June 2012

Antha 7 naatkal (1981)

 intro :Antha Ezhu Naatkal, or Antha 7 Naatkal (English: Those seven days), is a 1981 Tamil language film. Directed & starred by K.Bhagyaraj the movie follows the life and ambitions of the hero, Palakkad Madhavan played by K. Bhagyaraj himself and his sidekick Gopi (child actor Khaja Sharif). The movie was a great hit and very well received by the public.

Storyline :  The story starts off with Vasanthi (Ambika) and Dr. Anand's (Rajesh) marriage. On their wedding night Vasanthi attempts suicide and is saved by Dr. Anand. He then inquires about her past. Vasanthi tells him of her failed love affair with Palakkad Madhavan (Bhagyaraj). earing of Vasanthi's past, Dr. Anand decides that she should reunite with her lover and he will help her do that. He asks her to stay in his house for a week as his terminally ill mother is counting her last days. Vasanthi agrees to this while Anand is looking for Madhavan in Kerala and in Madras. During her 7 day stay with Dr. Anand she starts interacting with him, his mother, his daughter. When her husband finally find and bring Madhavan to take Vasanthi with him, She refuses to go with him and decides to stay with her husband. The movie ends with Bhagyraj's famous line "my lover can become your wife but your wife can never become my lover. That is our culture".


Production : Srini creations

Producers : P.S.Jayaraman , M.Nachiyappan.

Directors : K.Bhagyaraj

Actors : Bhagyaraj , Rajesh

Actress : Ambika

Music Directors: M.S.Viswanathan

Lyricists :

Dialogue :K.Bhagyaraj




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