Thursday, 21 June 2012

Siggapu Roojaakal (1978)

Intro : In an era of over-dramatised acting in Tamil films, Sigappu Rojakkal was one of the notable exceptions. With an anti-hero who is a psychopathic, sexual killer in the lead, the movie was seen as controversial by traditional and orthodox moviegoers in Tamilnadu.

Storyline:Dileep  (Kamal)  is a successful businessman with a dark side. He preys on nubile girls and rapes and kills them.Dileep chances upon an undergarments salesgirl, Sarada (Sridevi), and develops an attraction for her. Sarada, a conservative woman, insists that Dileep must marry her if he wants to have his way with her. The romance proceeds, and appears to be Dileep's salvation before things begin to collapse for him. On his marriage day, Sarada stumbles upon a diary containing details of his deranged life and, and names of the girls he had killed scribbled on the walls of one of the rooms in his large house. A tense chase ensues, which ends in a graveyard in the dead of night, with Dileep stumbling and falling on a cross which pierces him. In the ensuing chase, Dileep is caught by the police.

He is subsequently jailed but gets mentally retarded and loses his bloodthirsty ways. He keeps repeating Sarada's name, as it is his only coherent thought, and all other memories have been erased from his mind.

Production : K.R.G.Productions

 Producers : J.Padmavathi

 Directors : Bharathiraja

 Actors : Kamal

 Actress : Sridevi

 Music Directors: Ilayaraja

Dialogue: Bhagyaraj

 Lyricists : Kannadasan , Vaali




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