Friday, 15 June 2012

Mouna geethangal (1981)

Intro : The film stars Bhgayaraj himself along side Saritha It was remade into Hindi as "Ek Hi Bhool" in the same year.

Storyline : Bhagyaraj and Saritha are a married couple.Their marriage comes to an end when Bhagyaraj betrays Saritha for her widowed friend. Bhagyaraj confesses the truth as he gets drunk, and tries to explain himself, and even her family tries to convince her to condone this one little mistake, but Saritha cannot forgive him.After their divorce, Saritha finds out that she is pregnant. She moves into her new home. Ten years later, they meet each other in a bus.Bhagyaraj tries to captivate her again and return his family and wife. He gets close to his son.

Production : Bagavathi creations

Producers : K.Gopinathan

Directors : k.Bhagyaraj

Actors : k.Bhagyaraj

Actress : Saritha

Music Directors: Gangai Amaran

Dialogue : k.Bhagyaraj

Lyricists :




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