Friday, 22 June 2012

Bhairavi (1978)

Intro :  It was Rajinikanth's first movie as a hero in Tamil Cinema. He was also given the "Superstar" title through this film. The film stars Sripriya as the female lead and Geetha  playing the title role as Rajini's sister.Srikanth played the role of the main villain. Manorama and Suruli Rajan played other major roles.

Storyline : Mookaiyah (Rajinikanth) and his sister Bairavi (Geetha) are the children of a drunkard. They are separated after Bhairavi gets lost in an accident. Following this, Mookaiyah becomes a servant of a local landlord (Sreekanth). Mookaiyah is a loyal servant and does whatever is asked of him. The landlord, Rajalingam (Sreekanth), forces Mookaiyah to abduct a young girl from a neighboring village, Bhagyam (Geetha). Rajalingam rapes her in the absence of Mookaiyah. Geetha is killed during the attack. Maanikam, Bhagyam's adopted brother, vows to take revenge on Mookaiyah, whom he believes to be responsible for Bairavi's death. Meanwhile, Mookaiyah learns that Bhagyam is his long-lost sister (Bairavi). He then sets out to kill the landlord in revenge for his sister's death.

Production : Valli Lane Creations

Producers :  Kalaignam

Directors : M.Baskar

Actors :  Rajini Kanth

Actress : Sripriya . Geetha

Music Directors:  Ilayaraja

Dialogue : Madurai thirumaran

Lyricists :




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