Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Anda naal (1954)

Intro : Antha naal was the first flim to have no song and stunt sequences.

Story line : The film revolves around a murder of Radio Engineer Rajan (Sivaji ganesan), with suspects being five  characters Rajan's wife Usha (Pandari bai), Chinnaiah Pillai, Rajan's brother Pattabi, Rajan's sister-in-law Hema, and dancer Ambujam (also Rajan's Mistress). Each one recounts an incident which points to a new suspect. Sivanandam then uses clues in the victim's room, serendipitous leads, and understands the characters' persona, and uses the knowledge to identify the culprit.

Production :  A.V.M Productions

 Producers : A.V.Meyappan

 Directors :  Balachandar

 Actors : Sivaji ganesan

 Actress : Pandaribai



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